Monday, August 3, 2009

The Great Getaway - Day Number Two

Emily dragged me to breakfast first thing. I don't make it a habit of showing my face before I am totally ready for the day, but the Holiday Inn Express has hot biscuits and gravy and warm cinnamon rolls now. A breakfast like this won't wait for a finished hair do and a made-up face; I replaced my PJ pants with shorts (that's more than Emily did) and off we went.

Swam in the indoor pool (which was like swimming across a hot tub, it was so small), while Emily drove the car to see a "guy friend's" family.

Can't visit Boise without eating at my absolute favorite, The Brick Oven Bistro. Ya gotta try this place sometime!
One taste of their pepper parmesan salad dressing and sunflower wheat bread, and I was transported back to the "good ol' days" -- biking the green belt, floating the river, making music at the Morrison Center. Such a great time in history.

Off again for the second leg of our trip through the dry lands of Oregon and the lush forests of Washington.
To the new home of the Seattle area's most adorable family.

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