Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Fascinating Creation

The Utah Symphony asked me to join them for a short Chamber Education Tour to Junction and Tropic, two very small communities near Bryce Canyon. Hoping to have Potts come along, I convinced him that the opportunity to photograph the area was really a MUST!

The "tour" consisted of one 45-minute concert at Piute High School Wednesday afternoon, a stay at Ruby's Inn (just a five-minute drive from the canyon) and two 45-minute concerts the next morning at Bryce Valley High School; no evening performance.

What?! An entire evening free?

We took the opportunity to hike down into Bryce Canyon via the Navajo Trail.

Hiking DOWN was a blast!

This tree had to S T R E T C H to reach the light!

It's a slow go when one has a husband with a camera and the surroundings are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! But that's what I love about being with him -- it gives me the chance to "soak it all in."

He who goes down, must come up. I wish all paths were downhill!

The Navajo Trail comes back up at Thor's Hammer. This photograph was actually taken at sunrise the next morning.

Met the funniest raven when we visited Sunset Point. He was the tamest bird I have ever seen. He didn't mind if we walked right up to his face with Potts' big camera. He posed for us, then hopped off the fence and over to our car where he looked up at us as if to say, "May I?" We gave him the okay and he proceeded to clean all the bugs off our grill. It was great!

Watched the sun set and the moon rise at Inspiration Point.

On My Birthday!

My good friend, Meredith, and I have the same birthday. She is Concert Master and my stand partner in the Orchestra at Temple Square and contractor for many of the studio jobs I am involved in. Consequently, for the past fifteen years, we have spent at least half of our birthdays celebrating together in one way or another. Tonight was no exception. 

Our Autumn Orchestra at Temple Square Concert landed on our day. As is customary at the end of a concert, flowers are presented to our conductor, Igor Gruppman and the evening's soloist. Tonight, Igor had planned ahead, divided his own flowers in two, and on stage during the final applause, presented them to Meredith and me and whispered a "Happy Birthday." It was very sweet and I was so touched. 

The flowers were stunningly beautiful!

And when I arrived home, Potts (who had been to the concert the night before) had a candlelight dinner awaiting me. He was adorable and I felt SO loved! I'm grateful I married a romantic.