Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Breakfast Outdoors

Family Traditions? We kind of like them around here. This one began when I was a child. On the morning  of July 4th, besides playing Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” full blast on the stereo, we would pack up breakfast and take it down to the Twin Falls Canyon. Electricity was generated by the water fall there, so each cement table was equipped with an electrical outlet. We made pancakes and eggs fried or scrambled.
We haven’t yet found such a place here, so we have adapted with breakfast in our own backyard. This year, my sister, Linda, was in town, so I invited each of my siblings and their families too. I made french toast from a batch of homemade sourdough bread and had everyone bring something to enjoy with it.

It was the first time MY family members have been together for quite some time. Why I didn’t get a picture of all of us together with Dad? I just wasn’t thinking! 

My dad - "Papa"
With my sister, Linda.
My brother, David
and Mark
Grandson, Ethan
Son, Michael
David's wife, Connie
Nieces, Savanna and Melissa
Melissa's daughter, River

Of course swimming was included! Those who didn’t bring swimming suits wish they had... and a few of THEM decided to just jump in clothes and all. 

Granddaughter, Evylee
Audrey and Matthew
Linda's husband, Bob, with grand baby, Jordanne
Melissa's son, Isaac
Niece, Sierra, with son, Porter
Mark's wife, Alice -- a kid magnet!
Niece, Mikayla

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Freedom Fire

Photo by Kristiana
who captured this with her iPhone
when she should have been playing! :O)
Playing for Craig Jessop and the American Festival Chorus involved two more drives to Logan. (I’ve logged a lot of car miles this week!) Their big Independence Day Freedom Fire event was held at the USU stadium and featured the rock group KANSAS. Only one piece, “Dust in the Wind,” was familiar to me. Maybe I would have recognized more if I could have heard ANYTHING other than the drummer! So glad for ear plugs!
But hey! Dinner at El Toro Viejo and a trip to Gossner Cheese Factory (yes, more cheese), made the Logan excursions memorable.