Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family Home Evening Spooktacular!

Hosted by Katie and David in their brand new home!
What is it about our camera skills? We failed to get a picture of Katie and David together in their new home, but we did get pictures of their cute little bugs:
Ladybug #1

Ladybug #2 - Pizza Style

My BABIES - plus Tiffany

Potts and I "dressed up" for the occasion in our traditional skeleton torsos. How many years have we had these now?

Pumpkin Carving Contest

I voted for Emily's "Audrey"

But Potts won AGAIN with his Ninja Turtle Creation. (He ALWAYS wins. Mine was really cute... so cute that Randy was jealous and dropped it on the cement to get rid of the evidence.)

Cookie Decorating Contest - Note Potts' cookie on the far right... He did NOT win.

Desiree's did!

And Evylee came as Einstein and swept the Costume Contest. One itchy nose and the mustache disappeared.

Fun with Gammie's Halloween Glasses!