Saturday, January 7, 2012

She's at it again!

It's a new year and that means a New Fitness Challenge designed and issued by my Jenni.

1. you must commit for 3 months - January 9th - April 8th 
2. All participants must provide a prize and post a picture of it.
3. Sundays are free days (nothing expected and no points given on our day of rest)
4. Daily Points will be rewarded for the following things:
* 64 oz. of WATER - 1 point
* 20 minutes of EXERCISE - 1 point (max 3 points)
5. Weekly points go as follows:
* No EATING OUT- 5 points (1 eat out meal is given freely each week. You pick and you give yourself the points.)
* Collective 2 Week Focus Goal Met – 5 points (as long as the designated focus goal is done all 7 days. These are even done on Sundays unless otherwise noted.)

1/9 - 1/22 No Sweets
1/23 - 2/5 No Eating after 7 PM
2/6- 2/19 Extra 20 min. Exercise (daily max 1hr. 20 min). This one is not required on Sundays.
2/20 - 3/4 3 daily servings of veggies
3/5 - 3/18 Flossed Teeth Everyday
3/19 - 4/8 (3 Week Final Challenge) Combination of All Focus Goals

I have found an app for my iPhone that will help me keep track of my eating and exercise habits. It is pretty easy and fun to use.
I have accepted the challenge along with Potts and 37 others. I promise to check in and let you know how I am doing from time to time. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Where are They Now?

It's 2012... I thought it would be timely to give a family update.

(From Left to Right)

Joe and Emily Fairbank are living in Charlottesville, Virginia where Joe is in his first year of Law School at the University of Virginia. Baby A.J. is their pride and joy - he's 8 months old and already "sings" with his mommy. Emily has a weekly hobby of trying new and different cupcake ideas hoping to open up her own business in the near future. It looks as if they'll be moving "home" to Boise for the summer where Joe will serve as clerk for a Federal Judge.

Matthew and Audrey Taylor are in Provo where Matthew is in his very last undergraduate semester as an English Major at BYU. This is Audrey's second year as a first grade teacher at Freedom Academy. She entertains me weekly with her "student stories" as we drive to Tabernacle Choir rehearsals together. She really ought to write a book about her little pupils.

David and Katie Collier have a home in Eagle Mountain, close enough for us to spend time with them and their sweet girls Lily (5), Kylie (3), and Paisley (1). David is teaching Math at American Fork High School and is working on his Masters at the U. Katie teaches dance a couple of times a week. They are expecting their fourth little girl at the end of May. I can't wait!

Next come Potts and me. My life is pretty much status quo; lots of music with a little knitting on the side. Potts is keeping his photography and photoshop skills in tip top shape. Enjoys sharing his immense store of knowledge in those areas. There is nothing we enjoy more than spending time with our gaggle of grandchildren! We can't seem to get enough of them.

Jenni and Mark Warner are happy as pie in Covington, Washington. Jenni teaches violin students, serves as Young Women's President in her ward, and plans friendly get-togethers. Mark still works for Boeing at home and away. Payton (6) and Sadie (3 going on 10) keep them on their toes. We miss them and wish they lived closer, but we so enjoy driving or flying up to the area for visits. Their home gives us a GREAT place to get away!

Michael and Desiree live close by in Pleasant Grove. Michael will graduate as a Biology Major at the end of this semester. They both work at 1-800 Contacts which means I get to take care of their babes, Evylee (3) and Ethan (1) once a week. What a treat! They are sweet, cuddly, and seem to love being with their Gammie and Potts.

My good children and their sweethearts mean the world to me. I am so thrilled with them and the way they are raising their own families. Potts and I couldn't be more blessed!