Friday, August 7, 2009

Home Again, Home Again via Spokane

Randy made a business trip to Spokane while Emily and I were in Seattle. So I got this harebrained idea that Emily and I could drive the four hours to Spokane on Thursday, Randy could cancel his Friday flight home, and drive home with us instead! (I mean DRIVE us home instead. tee hee.)
Besides, I love Spokane, and the drive through Idaho and Montana is longer, yes, but SO much prettier! It didn't take much to sell him on the idea - or maybe he was just being nice, as usual.

So Emily and I set off to meet him in Spokane. The four-hour trip became close to five due to bad traffic and we became pretty giddy towards the end. We decided to make up names for her future children using road signs. (What do YOU do to keep your mind occupied on road trips?) Her daughters? Beta Theta, and Puget. Her sons? Steptoe Edwall and Tyler Cheney (oh, that's just too normal.)

We called Randy the last hour and stated, "We're in the mood for Chinese; can you find a good restaurant in Spokane?"

Happily reunited, Randy, Emily and I checked out this highly recommended spot.
A delicious and somewhat high-priced Benihana kind of restaurant, our waitress made it very clear that it was Japanese NOT Chinese; no sweet and sour here. It made no difference to us; we were happy with anything and everything at this point.

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