Thursday, April 19, 2012

Congratulations to Matthew

Congratulations to Audrey's Matthew...
who graduated from Brigham Young University...
with his brother, Jordan...
and over 7000 others.
He received his bachelor's degree in English.
Plans for the future? A couple of years of work experience, then an MBA.
Best Wishes to you, graduate! Know that we love you and are so proud of you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Sunday

Oftentimes I look back in my blog to see where we were and who we were with on a specific special day. So this is a blog post of a record-keeping nature. We were joined for Easter Dinner by Katie, David and girls, and Audrey and Matthew. 

P.S. Potts made the place cards. They were adorable.

Kylie, Lily, and Paisley in their new Easter dresses.

Look Who Sang in the Missionary Choir for General Conference!

What a tremendous example! May the Lord bless your efforts, Elder Archuleta.

April Conference

Conference Weekend is something to look forward to.

I recall past conferences. 
  • as a young child watching our black and white TV in the basement. We only received Sunday morning’s session as I remember.
  • Standing in line on a very COLD and snowy April morning to attend in person in the Tabernacle. I was a junior at BYU.
  • Playing General Conference Bingo with skittels to keep my young children just a little bit attentive for a minute or two.
  • Dressing in our Sunday clothes and driving to the Stake Building in Rochester New York. Conference was not available in our homes when we lived there. 
  • Joining with other LDS members of the Utah Symphony while in Germany in the hotel’s business room to listen to the 2:00 session at 10:00 at night over the internet.
  • In the car driving to my Aunt Jean’s graveside service across town and raising my arm to the square to sustain our dear prophet. Looking across the way and seeing others do the same.
  • Sharing ear buds with Randy in an internet cafe in Italy.
  • But most often sitting comfortably at home, surrounded by those I love, -- the smell of Conference Cake (that’s what we call Coffee Cake) baking in the oven. Some of us with laptops, some with notepads, some with needlework, (yes...and some asleep.) 
Each time General Conference comes around, there is an air of anticipation;  what might be said this time that will inspire us, make a difference, and hopefully change our lives for the better?

This year was yet another conference experience. Randy was asked to photograph for the church, so he left home by 7:00 am and spent both days capturing the spirit of the event. He loved the experience and hopes he will be asked again.

I wasn't alone. Audrey and Matthew joined me for Sunday's morning session; Michael, Desiree, and babes joined us all for "Conference Cake" and stayed for the afternoon session. Thanks kids!