Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Great Getaway - Day Number Four

It was a berry pickin' kind of day, so we headed for the Lazy River U Pick Farm nearby.
A beautiful berry farm with enviable gardens of every type and style.
Blueberries were ripe and ready for the picking.
We probably should have weighed Payton before and after to see how many blueberries ended up inside him!
You haven't lived until you've tasted blueberries straight off the bush.
It was a couple of days past the prime rasberry picking time, but we hunted and found a few of those too.
Emily met up with Andy and Jackie Jaskson, good friends from BYU-I
and Jenni, babes, and I ventured to --
For delectable soup, sandwiches, and peach shortcake at the Boarding House Restaurant.
This place has earned a spot on my "Places to Visit Again and Again."
Another event to note --
Emily's Date with friend, Jeremy.
Will someone PLEASE tell her she isn't suppose to beat the socks off a guy at miniature golf on their first date!

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