Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today I picked up the TV remote to make a phone call! NOBODY HOME is RIGHT!

(I remember when cell phones used to be as big as a remote!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Another one of those Signs

So... Last night I attempted to fasten my seatbelt at the movie theater. Who does that?  Either I'm getting old, or I don't get out often enough.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seven Days Old

 A.J. made his first visit to Potts' studio at seven-days-old. This just happens to be my favorite photograph of the session with A.J. sporting the yellow blanket I knit with LOVE and nice soft merino wool.

It is suggested that "newborn" photographs be taken between six and ten days old.
A little one is still sweet and sleepy.

 A.J.'s small port-wine birthmark. 

 Nestled in a Gammie-knit cocoon.

Pixy Dust

Evylee is three-years-old now. She loves to dress up and make-believe. 
Sometimes she's Cinderella and Potts is her handsome prince. According to her, "he CAN'T be the bad guy, he's POTTS!" 
Sometimes she is the dancing and singing gypsy, Ezmeralda. 
Sprinkle a little pixy dust, and she becomes the mischievous little Tinkerbell.
While her mommy and daddy were away, I braided her hair into a fairy-like wreath, dressed her in her tutu, wings, and special Gammie-knit Tinkerbell slippers, and away we flew to Potts' photography studio.
 It didn't take much photo magic...

 All you need is
Faith, Trust
a little bit of
Pixie Dust