Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sadie Jane

A 15-hour trip in the car is more than enough for anyone, not to mention an 18-month-old who doesn't much like being confined to a car seat anyway. Since my left hand is out of commission for a while, I arranged a flight to Seattle and Jenni and Mark's place a while back. Sadie is under 2-years-old, why don't I just take her on the plane with me? She won't cost extra, she can just be on my lap!
Well, the flight was PACKED! Sadie and I sat between two distinguished individuals as it was the ONLY seat available. (I had been comfortably situated at a window seat, but volunteered to move to enable a family to sit together -- I know, I'm so nice.) Have you ever attempted to keep a babe confined and occupied for 2 and 1/2 hours? I planned ahead with all kinds of tricks in my bag -- If only I could get to them!!

She was a BUSY little thing, enjoyed playing with the tray table and and the ice of my soft drink the most. She never cried once. I was so proud of her. (Definitely an answer to prayer.) Never cried, that is, until after we were off the plane and I tried to sit her in her stroller. She had had ENOUGH SITTING! I don't blame her for making her feelings known... all the way to baggage claim. Then ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz she was fast asleep. Wouldn't you know it.

She was more than happy to be home again with Mommy, Daddy, and "Paytie"! We bonded on that little trip. I was hoping we would. She knows me now. I'm "Nammie".

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