Monday, April 25, 2011

Finding Sadie

While Jenni was here, she spent as much time with Emily as she could. I joined them as often as I could get away. We cleaned, laundered, cooked, gave moral support (which is SO appreciated as an expectant mother approaches, then goes OVER her baby's due date.)

Audrey joined the girls for a trip to a nearby Boutique. I stayed in Emily's townhouse and took care of Payton and Sadie. I mention the "townhouse" just because the home is on three stories and it's kind of easy to loose track of a child or two.

I called, "Sadie, where are you?" while searching each level. (If you will remember, Sadie is a somewhat precocious two-year-old.)

I heard a little squeak from the kitchen area and entered the area to investigate.

All I could find were Sadie's chubby little toes peaking out from under the curtain Emily uses to enclose her pantry. I was a bit reticent to open the curtain... It was obvious that she was hiding from me and the rest of the world...

I slowly pulled back the drape and found Sadie sheepishly looking back at me - 
one hand holding a nearly-empty Nutella container
the other hand covered in the chocolate mess

I tried to look stern, but that's hard to do when you are absolutely cracking up inside and out!
What a picture! Wish I'd had a camera.

Gotta Love It!