Friday, May 29, 2009

Come Fly with Me

When we can get tickets for $50 each way, we head straight for Seattle to see these little munchkins.

Oh how Sadie loves her mommy! She is happiest when she is in Jenni's arms. Mine just wouldn't do...
...until about day three; then she warmed up to me a little bit and realized that Gammie is her friend...
...and gives her another set of arms to snuggle in.
Little did we know when we booked our tickets that Jenni and Mark would be closing on their very first home our last day there. Wish we could have stayed to help them move the big stuff, but at least we were able to receive a grand tour of their new place.
Payton had a blast watering HIS new yard.
Yes, their new hardwood entryway was given a good wet shower. I was proud of Jenni, she just took it in stride. I'm sure she realized that there would soon be many more events to "break in" her new house and make it a "home".

A house is made
of walls and beams;
A home is built
with love and dreams.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Batter Up!

The Annual Collier Family and Friends Memorial Day Softball Game

How many years have we been doing this now? Anybody know? Some years it has morphed into a volleyball game due to inclement weather... and one year we even filled sandbags to prevent flooding in Draper. This year the sun shone on a muddy field and we couldn't stay indoors!
It's time to put on your best Game Face!

Audrey's powerhouse friends were a great addition to both teams.

Even the mini-ones played!

Spectators were happy!

By half-time my team was losing AGAIN.
 It was awful! 
But somehow we rallied and...
We Won!!!! 
(unless a certain someone finagled the score - Hey, it's MY game, we play it MY way or no way!)

Losers --- supposedly.
Wipe that grin off your face, Emily! 
You lost, remember?!

That's more like it, Jenni!

And After the Game, a Celebration!

...with hotdogs, homemade rootbeer, and delicious potluck. Our neighbor, Pat, furnished all the meat (he works for John Morrell). Thanks, Pat.

Happy Birthday, Michael!

May 25, 1983. This is our Michael Jay just 45 minutes after birth. He was beautifully healthy at 8 lbs. 10 oz.
A great little baby who slept through the night after just a week or two. He was happy and content to just be here; my easiest baby by far. He was a blessing, that's for sure. He came to earth just 20 months after his twin siblings, Jenni and David.

Sweet and quiet. We got a big kick out of his really low voice, laugh, and cry. When I picked him up to console him he would hug me and say "thank you." Those were his first words, I think. This one has a very big heart.

His second grade teacher dubbed him her smartest student ever! He spent hours and hours drawing heros and their weapons of destruction.

He excelled in his gifts and talents. 

And was a great missionary, serving in Seattle, Washington.

He found a beautiful bride, Desiree Hutchinson, and married her in the Salt Lake Temple.

He is now the father of a sweet and adorable, content and quiet baby of his own. We love you, Michael. Happy Birthday, son!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Knew Knitting

Lylie and Kylie spent the evening with us and were the perfect models to show off the sweaters I've just finished knitting. I decided to use up some of the yarn I've had around for a while; its so easy to accumulate too much. It's oozing out of my sewing room right now and I've just got to use some up before I buy any more!
I am drawn to this color of green -- so pretty with Kylie's big blue eyes.
This sweater is knit with bulky yarn on big needles. Fun and quick to whip up. The girls had such a great time Posing for Potts.  
Oh, and I wonder just whose skinny ankles these are? Well at least SOMETHING is still skinny!