Monday, April 26, 2010

To Audrey

My Dear Audrey,

I cry when it comes to firsts and lasts. First day of life, last day of nursing, first day of school, last madrigal song, first kiss goodbye... Today you were one of over 6000 Brigham Young University Graduates, but I only had eyes for you; and yes... I cried.
You are the personification of excellence, service, love, determination. (Graduating in the top five percent -- Magna Cum Laude -- that is something to shout about!)
Remember the words of wisdom you received.

"Why do I do all this juggling? All I do, I do for Christ."
Courtney Ann Butikofer

"Freely ye have received, freely give."
John Hilton III

"There is no accident in the timing of your birth. You have a great mission to perform.
Approach opportunities with reverence, not skepticism."

"Remember who you are and WHOSE you are. Treasure the voice of God inside of you until it pours out of you."

"Tomorrow you will begin to move mountains with your own shovel. Shine Forth. Carry on."
Karen Ashton, Young Women General Board Member.

Remember the kindness (and delicious recipes) of good roommates.

Soon you will belong to a new and amazing family.

And to a man who loves you more than words can say.

Please remember that we loved you FIRST.
And we'll love you ALWAYS!

Congratulations Sweetheart!