Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Great Getaway - Day Number One

Promised Emily a road trip to Seattle. Loaded up chairs and tea cups and Jenni's old costumes and such. She has her own home now, so its time for me to give, oh giveaway. Also loaded up Emily and her giant bag of who knows what. When I questioned her about it, she just said, "I have to bring lots of hair stuff." What kind of hair stuff fills a bag THIS big?

Drove the six-hour trip to Boise, in five hours (hmmm), without stopping, on less than one tank of gas. Gotta love this hybrid. Landed at the Holiday Inn Express in time for a good night's rest. Almost got fresh cookies, but when Emily went to grab one it somehow FLEW out of her hand and halfway across the room onto the floor. (Good job, Emily!) By the time we recovered from that circus act, the cookies were all gone. sniff.

1 comment:

  1. her bag was a lot bigger than those few hair bands and such!

    I think she snuck one of the other grandkids away with you.