Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day

It's April First and Heaven played a big joke on us.
The girls had planned an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones -- so we just went ahead with it!


"The Hunt" was all indoors.

where it was nice, warm, AND dry!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When Jenni Comes

Jenni is my firstborn.
She lives in Covington, Washington with her husband Mark and two children, Payton and Sadie.
I miss her more than words can describe.

When Jenni comes to visit --
We all smile a bit more.
My creativity is actually sparked.
Life is just more fun.

This week Mark was away on a business trip so Jenni came here with "thing one" and "thing two." She thought she was coming to help her dad with his new business venture, and ended up helping me plan two weddings besides!

Thanks for coming to our rescue, Jenni. You are the best!

Is this the picture of delight, or what?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A New Kid on the Blog

We began shopping for Audrey's wedding dress right away.
By the way, this one is beautiful on her, but it is not THE DRESS. Who would want to spoil that surprise? Audrey is an itty-bitty size zero and looked radiant in about everything she tried on. She is my little bargain shopper and was more than tickled to find an amazing wedding dress at a great price.

While we were shopping at Abelle's in Orem, Randy received a phone call from Joe. Joe has been dating Emily for about five weeks. He asked if he might visit with Randy. We were just two blocks from his home; Randy invited him to "come on over!" Randy, with a little smirk on his face, told me about the phone call. I went weak in the knees and nearly passed out. This couldn't be happening!

Sure enough! Right then and there outside the bridal shop, Joe asked Randy if he might propose to our daughter.

Joe asked Emily to marry him that very evening. It was a surprise to all of us, including her.

He had even picked the wedding ring out all by himself. It is a beauty!

So... we were back to the bridal shops the very next day!


He grew up mostly in Montana, son of a cattle rancher.
His grandfather owned a meat-packing company in upstate New York.
He is one of three children.
He served a mission in New Zealand.
He was valedictorian of his high school graduating class.
He attends BYU and is planning to receive his MBA.
He is polite and considerate.
He SPOILS Emily with attention, flowers, concerts, etc.

And I have two VERY twitter-pated girls on my hands. (Yes, the boys are tickled too; they just had to be obnoxious for the picture.)