Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Violins - Norman, Oklahoma

First Violins LEFT to RIGHT: Becky Roesler, Ruth Brown, Tamara Tanner, Yours Truly, Mindy Davis, Meredith Campbell, Alena Hatch, Libby Nielson, Sara Jane Thompson, Corine Hart

Second Violins:  Jane Clark, Amy Stout, Audrey Collier, DeDee Madsen, Lauren Keller, Christine Davis, Debbie Poulsen, Stephanie Mecham, Melodie Gardner, Kathy Ludlow

KBYU's film crew has been following the ins and outs of tour since our pre-tour meeting two weeks ago. Today they catch up with Audrey and Me because we are the only mother/daughter combo in the orchestra. They ask us a few questions about tour. One asks me, "So - How do you like having your daughter on tour." I express how neat it is to have someone with whom to share all these incredible experiences. He turns to Audrey. How is it having your mother on tour with you; to which she responds, "It's good. SHE MAKES ME EAT MY VEGETABLES." 

The Choir dresses in the colors of the University of Oklahoma Sooners - a GREAT move when we were performing in their arena and all!  I had to look up the term "sooner" because I had no idea what one was. Seems "sooner" is used to describe someone who entered the "unassigned lands" of Oklahoma before they were officially opened for settlement. Hmmm - interesting nickname for a University.

Tonight's audience is the most enthusiastic to date. I was surprised at intermission by my cousin, Laura Kaye, and her two girls! I hadn't rubbed shoulders with her for 30 years, and now I've seen her twice in one year!

Tears come to my eyes even now, as I recall the glorious experience it was for my husband and I to join with thousands in Norman, Oklahoma to hear "America's Choir"!! Thank you, Mormon Tabernacle Choir! And also, thanks to the fantastic orchestra from Temple Square! The experience of hearing you all perform together was a "gift" that we shall long remember. You lifted our hearts and touched our spirits!

-- Nikki

 “I thought it was absolutely awesome. I don’t think I’ve really got a favorite piece. They’re just so good I can’t choose one above any other. I will remember that they brought a lot of Oklahomans out, who sat beside each other and patted each others’ hands and had some camaraderie and that everybody here tonight was happy! It was a very, very, very welcoming experience."

-- Willa Johnson

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  1. Did they scream "Boomer Sooner"? Its something we have learned to teach our girls since my brother is a Sooner and all. I have heard many comments (through my brother) of how great you were and how much everyone loved it!