Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hogs and Dogs - Oklahoma City

First the Dogs
Across the street from the hotel is the 
OKC Summer Dog Show
Meet Scarlet NoHaira.  Yup! That's really her name.

Some pups are more than happy to be there!
Some aren't so sure.

No, what you hear is NOT one of the Chipmunks; it's actually the owner!

As a dog lover, I've always been intrigued by events such as these, but this is the first I have attended. This definitely has a culture all its own!

Then the Hogs

Just three blocks from our hotel 23,000 bikers converge on Bricktown!

Everyone on the street has either a tattoo or a Tabernacle Choir name tag. Now THAT'S a contrast if I've ever seen one!

"Ya'll with that Mormon Choir? Stick around another ten minutes and we'll all get naked!" Needless to say we are back in our hotel room within nine.

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