Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sight-Seeing Choir Style -- Omaha, Nebraska

Don't let anyone ever tell you that the choir and orchestra don't get any time for sight-seeing on these tours! Today we have two and one-half hours to visit three sights! 
Our first stop is Winter Quarters. Early pioneers who had been driven from their homes in Nauvoo, Illinois spent the winter of 1846-1847 in this area. They constructed hundreds of shelters to provide a safe haven for the Saints to gain strength prior to their continued trek to the Salt Lake Valley. 
Six hundred saints lost their lives and were buried here. This monument was erected "that the struggles, the sacrifices, the sufferings of the faithful pioneers and the cause they represented might never be forgotten..."

A beautiful new temple now stands at this historic location.

Our second stop is the Kanesville Tabernacle, a replica of the original built by the early Saints in just two and one-half weeks. It was here that Brigham Young was sustained as the second president and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Unfortunately for us, it is 107 degrees outside, the line stretches in the sun all the way to the street, the presentation inside is 15 minutes long, and we only have ten before our bus pulls out. We opt to stand in the shade were we can sense a breeze here and there and enjoy the building from the outside.
Our third and final stop is the Western Historic Trails Center. By now it is just TOO HOT to be outside so we stay inside to experience the exhibit, the theater, or help clean out the gift shop cooler of all its cold drinks.

So this is sight-seeing Tabernacle Choir style:  

As Deseret News writer, Gerry Avant, puts it, "Being (here) but not having time to savor the experience is about as satisfying as taking only a morsel at a table laden with food. But a small taste is better than no taste at all."

We check into two different hotels today and somehow Randy and I end up at the wrong one! "I thought YOU checked our packet." "I thought YOU did." Gratefully Larry, driver from bus #8, drives just the two of us to the right place. Thanks for saving us, Larry. I hope we were able to sneak away without being seen!  

The Concert
Tonight our concert is at the Holland Performing Arts Center, the only concert hall experience we will have on this tour. 

We enjoy the live acoustics, the true sound, the balance and blend. The hymn, "Come, Come Ye Saints" holds more significance tonight.
Mannheim Steamroller's Chip Davis conducts "This Land is Your Land". 

"To have the opportunity to work with this choir that is so famous and so great to work with really gave me a wonderful opportunity that you don't get everyday," he said. "They are respected worldwide. It just doesn't get any better as far as choirs go. I think they are probably without a doubt the best known [choir] and their reputation is well deserved."

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  1. I think the visits to the sites were just like we (the Colliers) always vacation. Fast and furious... We rush in, Experience the wonders of the moment, take a photo or two, and move on.