Sunday, June 21, 2009

City of Joseph

It's the Sabbath and Father's Day. Barry, our personnel manager, sings to all the fathers an old Groucho Marx song, "I'll give you a tie, 'cause you're just an ordinary guy" or something like that. Happy Father's Day, Randy! Today you get to spend six hours on a bus and four hours outside in sticky 100 degree weather! Lucky Guy!

We sing a goodbye to the staff of the Des Moines Marriott, "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again." One Afro-American server is visibly moved and sings back to his table a song that speaks of the Mercy of Jesus... a very touching moment.

We take a detour on our way to Des Moines, Iowa, to have Sacrament Meeting in Nauvoo, IL. 
Elder Craig Christensen of the Seventy and his good wife will accompany us on this tour. They speak of the importance of being witnesses and suggest that we too must look forward as did Joseph and continually ask ourselves what part we have in this great work.

We walk across the vast lawn to the Visitors Center.

And enjoy the amazing work of artist, Angela Johnson. She has only been sculpting for six years. Take a moment to read her amazing story.
"One Thing is Needful"

"Be Thou Clean."

"It is I. Be not afraid."

I experience this piece depicting Christ walking on the water and feel the confidence and complete faith portrayed in his face. I am literally moved to tears.

The buildings in Nauvoo have been beautifully restored. Here is the Cheap Shoe and Boot Manufactory.

John Taylor's home.

And the Gun and Rifle Shop.

Maybe someday we will serve here as couple missionaries.

The most thrilling sight is the reconstructed Nauvoo Temple. Last time we visited in 1994, the temple sight consisted of a few foundation stones from the original built by the early saints in 1840 and destroyed by an arson fire and subsequent tornado after the saints were expelled seven years later. What a beautiful structure. I'll bet the early saints are cheering in heaven.

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