Monday, June 22, 2009

We,Too, Should Have Walked the Sky Walk -- Des Moines, Iowa

It is Monday. We are now in Des Moines and have a couple of the morning hours free to walk the mile or so to the State Capitol Building. Once outside we notice that the streets are uncommonly quiet, especially for 10:00 AM. Where are all the people?

Anxious to get out of the blazing heat, we step into this store, a gallery of the furniture, accessories, and object art of Sarah Grant. You would have gone nuts, Jenni! 
I have to purchase SOMETHING to remember the charming quality of this place, but alas, even the small objects are hundreds (and thousands) of dollars. I walk away happy with my one inch magnet and set of note cards. Maybe I will frame one.
We walk on to the Iowa State Capitol Building.

And enjoy its stunning interior.

A self-portrait taken from the floor.

On our way back, and dying to get out of the heat, I spot a sign that reads "Skywalk" and points to the left. I suggest we try it. Well I'll be... That's where everyone is!

The Concert

Missionaries attend.

Over $16,000 worth of the choir's CD recordings will be sold at each venue.

“Consciously or subconsciously, we strive for wholeness all of our lives,” he said. “It’s a never-attained goal, but real value lies in the journey. In this journey there can be unique moments of wholeness, and those moments seem to happen more frequently in the arts, and especially in music, than in a lot of other human activities. We all know those moments when they occur. We experience tears, goosebumps, joy rushes. Your back becomes like a washboard.”

“My own personal philosophy is that the spirit side of our nature is mysteriously touched by an element of the music, the harmony or the rhythm, which inspires our emotions, which in turn rule our body. For that brief moment in time, our tri-part nature is totally lined up – the spirit, the soul or emotions, and the body – and we experience that unforgettable moment of wholeness."

“It is such an overwhelming feeling that no wonder we search for it over and over and over.”

--Weston Noble

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