Thursday, June 25, 2009

The "Wild West" of Kansas City

Today's first stop is Independence, Missouri,where we choose to board a mule-drawn wagon and listen to stories of the local celebrities, Wild Bill Hickok and Harry S. Truman. 
This is the BEST chocolate peanut butter ice cream I have ever tasted - hands down!

Gratefully it is a bit cooler today, so we walk the few blocks to see...
The Community of Christ (former Reorganized LDS church) Temple. They do not believe in temple ordinances as we do, but use this as a gathering place for learning and decision making.Across the street is the visitor's center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Audrey expresses what we are each feeling when she mentioned, "The feeling was just so different in the two places." It is such a blessing to have the truths of the restored gospel!

A short documentary -- The temple lot is owned by another offspring church (the little white one right behind me.)

Don't you just love the sneak peeker in the background? I do!
A replica of the Liberty Jail stands in the original spot. The Prophet Joseph Smith spent approximately five months here awaiting trial. While here he received three revelations that are recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants.

During the winter months in which they were held in the basement jail, they suffered from intense cold and exposure to the elements because of the small slits in the walls that served as windows. The men slept on dirty straw and suffered poisoning attempts and insults. However, Joseph's biggest grievance was not his own condition of imprisonment but the knowledge that the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were suffering untold anguish that he could not prevent.

In April 1839, Joseph and his fellow prisoners were transported to Gallatin, Missouri, for a grand jury hearing. When that hearing was complete, the prisoners were told they would be moved to the jail in Boone County. While on the journey from Gallatin, the men guarding the Prophet and his friends allowed Joseph and the others to escape. The Church leaders, in a very weakened condition, soon caught up with the main body of the Church.

The Sound Check

Prior to each concert in each location we have a 1 1/2 hour sound check. This gives the sound people a chance to balance the mikes, etc. for that particular venue. 
Mack spot checks the difficult passages and adjusts the choir's balance and intonation.

Ryan Murphy our new assistant conductor listens from various locations.

Conducting the Choir and Orchestra at sound check is Bryan Busby, a meteorologist for TV station KMBC Channel 9 here in Kansas City. Bryan recieved this “gift” on air. Today is his birthday. How would you like this for YOUR birthday present?

The Concert
The Sprint Center

I thought it was out of this world.  I liked it from the very moment it began until the end.  I liked the variety. I think it touched everybody’s heart.” --Leann Diskin

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  1. Every day was a joy! Your posts remind me of how memories are made at every location... It seemed we made the most of our trip.