Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meeting Up with Muffet -- Kansas City

We are off again - to Kansas City this time.

Line of choir and orchestra members up the escalator... the elevators. Can you imagine 600 people converging on three elevators?! The stout-hearted find the stairs, the determined ones find the freight elevator.

We have a dear friend, Muffet Petrehn, who lives in Kansas City. (We met Muffet on our first photographic trip to Italy. She is the one who had the gumption to swim with the two of us in Lake Orta. We became fast friends.) Muffet picks us up from the hotel and whisks us away from the choir crowd for a famous Jack Stack Kansas Barbecue.
And on to her home and photo studio.
Lovely place. Wonderful evening.

A Kansas Storm blows us back to our hotel. We will see Muffet again tomorrow. She and her children will be attending our concert here.

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  1. Muffet's place was in such a perfect location! Thank you Mufet for your hopitality... The Ice cream was yummy and the storm made me wonder when the lady would come riding by your window on her bike in the sky...