Monday, September 14, 2009

You Know You're No Longer in America When...

  • The airline serves dinner and breakfast AND it's COMPLIMENTARY!
  • Flip Flops are non-existent, and glitzy sneakers are everywhere.
  • Scarves are a fashion statement even in the heat of mid-day.
  • The dollar is worth.... less than a dollar.
  • Toilets are missing their seats. In fact, they are missing their toilets!
  • Passers-by sound like aliens
  • There is no such thing as ICE-cold.
  • Elevators are two people wide and one suitcase deep.
  • It is impossible to move in the shower - so DO NOT drop the soap!
  • Sign-language of sorts is much more effective than verbal communication.
  • My watch says it's noon, but my body and brain know it's only 4:00 in the morning.
  • The shrimp on your plate stare back at you.
Welcome to Italy, weary travelers!

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