Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Abbazia di San Fruttuoso

This is the Abbey of San Fruttuso. The first document that makes mention of this spot dates back to 984 AD. It has been rebuilt after suffering numerous invasions by pirates.

Like many of the other villages along the waterfront, it is accessible only by boat or on foot via a steep path. We chose boat.
Notice the tall tower erected in 1562 as a fortification against the attacks of Barbary pirates.

This shot's for you, Audrey and Emily!

A couple of small restaurants nourish stranded travelers.

This is how food is delivered from the cooks in the kitchen to the customers below!

Visitors sunbathe on its rocky beach
And swim in the crystal clear blue waters.

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  1. I'm DYING over these pictures, they are ALL amazing! Where are you exactly? Heaven? I think I'll gaze at the one looking through the opening back out over the ocean for the next hour to get my zen back on. I'M DYING!!!