Friday, September 4, 2009

My Cousin, Jane.

This is my cousin Jane (on the far right) and her nine children. You probably count ten, but that is because her oldest is married and so another has joined the picture. I wish you could meet Jane -- she is the sweetest, most positive, resilient individual I know. 

Jane has been on my mind so much lately -- she became a single mother shortly after the birth of her youngest -- twins. Last year she found out she had breast cancer, had a radical mastectomy and has been undergoing chemo treatments. Just last week her house caught on fire due to a faulty dryer wire. The basement and part of the upstairs will have to be gutted and rebuilt. They lost most of their belongings to smoke damage. 

Her sister Ann wrote a note to me after my inquiry as to their well-being, "Jane and her children just keep going, even with a smile on their face, they are amazing souls, who are always teaching me through their example, how to be a better person."

Yes, they are amazing... But how much can one family take?

My heart goes out to you, Jane, but I want to do more. What do you need most right now? How can I best help you?

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  1. She is definitly amazing. I'm sad to hear that so much more has happened, and wish them the best! If I had a way to contact her, I think I would say this to her myself. Is she on Facebook? I think I'll search for her.