Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What do you do when its raining outside?

We were warned it might rain 2-3 inches today. The scheduled outdoor activities were postponed until tomorrow and the photographers met in the "classroom."
As predicted, it was a bit too wet to venture out on my own this morning, but I brought this little project to keep me company. She's pretty funny, isn't she? So what do I do when it's raining outside?

I knit.

Why am I not in the classroom? Because last time we came, I got caught up in wanting to try everything and stressed out over the assignments that were shared with EVERYONE in a giant slide show! That's like Randy being asked to play a violin solo in front of my professional music colleagues! This year I determined before we came that YES, I would shoot photos (just because it really helps me internalize the whole experience), but NO, I would not play show and tell with the other participants. I am much more content this way.

The rain let up at lunch time, so we ventured out to try a nearby crepe restaurant.
I chose a SAVORY one -- an herb infused crepe filled with zucchini, olives, carrots, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and green beans, with cheese sauce.

Randy chose SWEET -- a dessert crepe topped with fruit and cinnamon-sprinkled ice cream. Don't let the pictures fool you. These are dinner plates!

A street vendor suggested we buy an umbrella. (Of course we left ours in the hotel room.) We should have listened... we saw the big black cloud... then it hit! We ran with our cameras and took cover under the nearest possible shelter.

What do we do when we're caught in the rain?

We take pictures!

After about an hour in a tunnel, we decided to tuck the cameras under our shirts and RUN FOR IT!
We looked like a couple of drowned rats when we finally reached the hotel.

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  1. Still go play in Italy because you are there only for a short time....well not you guys you go once a year!