Thursday, September 17, 2009

Four out of Five Ain't Bad

Five rustic villages of the Italian Riviera make up the Cinque Terra (the five lands). Today we visited four of them. Walking paths, trains, and boats connect the villages. They are not accessible by car. Here is a piece of interesting information - This area is the birthplace of pesto.
Our group caught a train from Comogli to the first village.
These two look happy to be together!

Monterosso has the only sandy beach in the Cinque Terra.

We found a cathedral in town with a comforting atmosphere --
What were they thinking when they designed this place?

Back on the train to --

The Mediterranean is so blue and inviting, we just had to be a part of it!
We walked "the way of Love" from this village to the next.

Couples lock their love and toss the key into the water below.
What is a lover's walk without an accordion serenade?
What is a Lover's Walk without two Lovers?
After about a twenty minute walk, we found --
Bodies dot the rocky beach.

Randy decided to give the rocks a try.

We boarded a boat and cruised past the one we missed.

Landing at our last for the day --

This little Italian lady was NOT happy that I snapped her picture! I just smiled, waved, and said, "Gracia!" I don't think I want to know what SHE said.
We climbed a gazillion stone steps to reach this vantage point and enjoy a beautiful sunset. There are amazing rewards when we decide to "endure to the end."
Caught a late night train back to Camogli, arriving at about midnight. An exhausting, but very memorable day.


  1. I love that I know about your cupid that likes to show up from time to time... how cute is that he wanted to go wherever the people lock their love, ITALIA!
    The beaches look amazing, and of course you got in the water- better WITH you clothes on than not! (reference Tahoe/Dedee/facebook and duly noting the couple sunbathing behind you).
    Again, I am in awe at the photos you are taking. Do these places really exist every day? Wow. Traveling is good for expanding our minds, isn't it? We miss you. When do you get back?
    Trip of a lifetime!!!

  2. You guys are doing Italy right. Its great to see all the touristy stuff, but now that you have and you are doing it with the photography group you get to see real Italy. I love it and I am of course jealous. Maybe one of these years we will have to join you! :)