Monday, September 14, 2009

Camogli, Italy

The small fishing village of Camogli (pronounced kuh-moh'-lee) has a double meaning in Italian. The first translation, "houses close together," is evident when you experience the town's narrow streets, which are lined with tall pastel-colored homes.
The second meaning, "houses of wives," is not so obvious; it refers to the fishermen's wives, who spend their time at home while their husbands are out at sea.

Speaking of lone wives; Randy busied himself teaching seminar attendees, so I ventured along the harbor by myself armed only with a camera. Here's what I found:

Our hotel, Cenobio Dei Dogi, sits on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean.

It's beach is covered in large flat "skipping" rocks.
People sunbathe on them despite the fact.

Little boys
and big boys play in "skins."

"Tweens" gather to chat
and play soccer in the street.

Bricks are just painted facades.

They have THE most ornate cathedral I have seen to this point in my life.

Their own castle too!


  1. You do good owrk mom...I love the one of just the rocks. Payton would go crazy there. Really really wish I was there. Really!!!

  2. How fun!!! I love how the one little boy is showing some crack haha.
    I was just bragging to one of my friends here about Randy and his amazing photographer skills, and I should have bragged about you too! Great pictures!