Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hotel Lenno - Home for Three Nights

Picture this -- the roads along Lake Como are SO skinny! Barely a car width wide. They wind up and down with hair pin curves so sharp that I'm certain I couldn't make them in my Civic. Now picture a full-length Mercedes Benz bus maneuvering on said road, with cars coming the other way! I got the giggles when we were trying to pass the oncoming traffic; 2 cars had to back up.... behind them, a motorcycle... behind him, a lady on a "Jazzy"! No joke! Where was my camera?! On one hairpin curve Sergio worked his way by fractions of an inch to avoid smashing into buildings front AND back. I literally had to close my eyes.
Sergio The Amazing
Didn't speak a word of English but had a great smile and a sparkle in his eyes.


Our Albergo Lenno is a quaint looking hotel right on the water's edge. The inside is very modern with contemporary art on the wall that SHOULD make a person cringe. (Just keep both eyes forward.) It just so happens that we are in the exact same room that we were in three years ago! Fourth floor with only sky-lightish windows. No view unless we stand on the couch on our tippy-toes. It's okay, we don't spend much time in the room anyway.

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