Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Island of San Giulio

Just across from the medieval village of Orta is the island of San Giulio. 
A 12th-century basilica is it's primary feature. 

It is said that the Greek evangelist, Giulio, rid the island of snakes, dragons, and monsters in the late 4th century. Now it is nicknamed the "Island of Silence." 
The footpath, La Via del Silenzio (the Way of Silence) encircles the island and encourages a serene, peaceful stroll -- unless the island is being visited by a REALLY noisy, boisterous, gaggle of Asian tourists. I patiently waited for them to go by. They seemed in a hurry and it wasn't long before there was an agreeable distance between us.

Listen to the silence.

Listen to the water, the wind, your steps

Every journey begins near you.

Be simple, be yourself.
Walls are in the mind.
Open your existence.
If you can be yourself, you are everything.

Two additional islands are just a bus ride and boat ride away on Lago Maggiore.

Isola Bella which houses the Borromeo Palace of 1632 and its Italian Gardens.

Sorry -- No pictures inside the palace! This is Drake Busath, by the way. This whole trip is his baby. He served a mission in Italy in 1977 and has been hosting these photography workshops for the past thirteen years. 

and Verbano

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