Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Stop in the Lakes District

Varenna  There's a cool walkway into the village.

They have one of the BEST gelato shops.

I purchased my one and only souvenir from the Lakes District here. (Besides all the gelato that I will bring back around my middle!)

I do believe it is my favorite village of all.

The water had been calling me all week. I couldn't leave Lake Como without swimming in it first. Somehow I coerced Randy to come with me. And Kate wouldn't let us back out 'cause she wanted to come too. The only convenient place we could find to go in was near the boats by our hotel. It really wasn't quite the memorable experience of Lake Orta a few years back. It was quite cold, which has never bothered me before, but a gazillion flies were buzzing right at eye level.  We only had the gumption to swim to the nearest buoy and back. At least I could say I did it!

P.S. When I climbed out, I found that I had cut my right foot. It bled all the way back to the hotel. Kind of gross!

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