Friday, September 16, 2011

Thirty Years ago...

From my journal:

Wednesday,  September 23 - Another night with no labor pains, I even waited up for them... ALL NIGHT LONG. Back to the doctor’s office. BP up -- BP up even further while lying down -- even 15 minutes later. Doctor looked somewhat concerned. I’m thinking you’d better go to the hospital to be induced”  I’ll tell them you are coming.  I’ll see you later this afternoon” 
GULP - all of a sudden I was nervous. I went to the studio to tell Randy. I put on a “Don’t Panic” button on and knocked on the dark room door. I couldn’t tell him very well - all I did was cry. Randy was excited to say the least.
It was 11:30 am and we were off the hospital - a first for me. At about 1:00 pm labor was induced through my IV and a monitor to my stomach to measure contractions and the baby’s heart rate. My contractions were two minutes apart and continued like clock work throughout the day. At about 2:00 pm I began to feel the labor pains. - the time was going by SO slowly. Mother , Randy and I played UNO for about an hour, but the labor pains began to make me quite uncomfortable. From then on it was time to begin the breathing techniques learned at our prenatal course. FOCAL POINT... ABDOMINAL BREATHING... Mother returned to Twin Falls realizing that there wasn’t much  she could do. Randy was a brick and such a comfort.... for a while. Soon the pains wiped the smile off my face and became more and more severe. I couldn’t help but cry. FOCAL POINT - CHEST BREATHING - FOCAL POINT - HEE HOO’S. Randy tried to keep coaching me, but I couldn’t stand it.
Dr. Petersen finally gave me a paracervical block which would help the pain for about an hour. I dozed off, but knew it immediately when the drug wore off. I was so thirsty, but all I could do was suck on ice cubes until I became sick to my stomach. The nurse came in to check me periodically. I was dilating very slowly. By this time the baby’s heart monitor was placed directly on the baby’s head. The nurse could feel hair! She asked me if I had chosen a name - “yes, if it’s a boy, but we are not sure yet if it’s a girl.” She replied, “Well - you could name her “Generic” TEE HEE. We could use a little humor. Two more shots of anesthetic, then they began to have little effect. I couldn’t help but scream now. I even bit Randy’s arm!
I had never felt such pain. I kept telling Randy that I just wanted to quit. I couldn’t take it any longer. The nurse mentioned that I had to try and relax... to do my concentrated breathing. Dr. Petersen came in at midnight. Was I ever glad to see him. He checked me - I had finally dilated to nine.  He mentioned that I might be able to be stretched to ten - so they wheeled me into the delivery room. PROGRESS!
Thursday, September 24
Randy held my hand and gave me a washcloth to suck on once in a while.  He even looked official with his surgical mask on. I think that I fell asleep between every contraction though they were only a minute or so apart. I pushed and pused until I felt I could push no longer. I was exhausted.  
One more push “easy -- easy -- here it comes!” The doctor used forceps to help the baby out. 
“It’s a GIRL!”
I asked, “Am I really through?” “Yes” then I heard doctor Petersen’s voice again. He was helping me expel the placenta when he exclaimed “ Nurse, I think we had better get ready for another one!
Randy was left to help keep our new little baby girl’s heart and lungs working, (she was having some difficulty) and the nurse helped new little #2 into the world. 
At 12:45 I heard - It’s a BOY!
The nurse had to run to the nursery; they were far from prepared for two. Another nurse came in to help and held the umbilical chord. They only had one clamp. Though I kept dozing off, I could tell that our #2 was having trouble, I prayed that he might live. Time passed - Finally I heard a little squeak. They were both okay. What blessings! I was exhausted. 
Randy left to make telephone calls while the doctor stitched me up. 
First he called my mother:
“ Hi. She had a girl! (Squeals of delight!).... pause... 
AND she had a boy! It was pretty exciting for him to tell everyone. though it was nearly 1:00 in the morning, Mother and Randy called everyone anyway.
Randy videotaped the babies being washed off and put in the incubator. He kept me informed and I watched what he had taped on the little 1 inch screen of the video camera. They were beautiful, I ached to hold them.
It wasn’t until 1:00 pm that I heard, “They’re bringing the Twins!”
I took them one at a time.
Jennifer Lin Collier, born at 12:35 am, 5 lbs. 12 1/2 oz., 18.5 inches long. Dark Hair combed with a little curl on top. A beautiful little rosebud mouth. Her eyes were wide open. Dark eyelashes and eyebrows, head shaped like her fathers, fuzzy hair on shoulders and behind her ears. I have a little girl!
David Randoph Collier, born 12:45 am, 6 lbs. 1/2 oz,. He stole my heart. His eyes swollen from the forceps, dark hair, eyelashes and eyebrows barely visible. Skin a bit lighter than Jennifer’s Definitely a Slaughter head. A little bird mouth open and rooting for food.
Twins. It is hard to believe. Randy and I are so blessed!

Happy 30th Birthday to my Twins! 
What an adventure you have been! 

You've reached a milestone in your life. 
(Which means I've reached a milestone in mine.)

Please know that we are so proud of you 
and the amazing individuals you have become!


  1. First thing I did on my 30th birthday...Bawl like a baby. This is going to be a great year! Thanks mom! You have been my hero for the last 30 years and will be my hero for ever after this. Love you and thank you!

  2. This is such a cute post. I am so blessed to have such amazing twins in our family. The best twins to look up to!!! Love you both!

  3. I love this...and still can't believe they didn't know there was two in there! Happy birthing day to you :) You're amazing.