Saturday, September 17, 2011

The "Bagno" Experience

We're in Milan, staying at the VERY ITALIAN hotel, The DoubleTree. :o) First order of business? Well... you know. We peaked into the hotel bathroom. Potts exclaims, "Look! We can sit together!" Funny, Potts. Yup, hotel bathrooms have TWO seats. One, the commode, the other a bidet.

Really, I'm very happy to enjoy a toilet with an actual seat. At most places (in Tuscany at least) they provide a "hole in the ground".

Next, the shower.  This is an adventure in itself. (This time we actually have one -- on one of our previous trips, the shower head was over the toilet!) Only half is covered with a "door."  How do I work these knobs? First try shot me straight in the face and I managed to soak the entire bathroom. Finally figured that one out... Awkwardly accomplished what I went in there to do; tried to turn the water back off  and was promptly doused with an ice cold spray!

Every Italian bathroom has a little red cord in the shower.

P.S. Do NOT pull it, or you are liable to have an emergency response team smashing down your door only to find you in your skivvies.

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