Friday, September 16, 2011

On MY 30th Birthday...

Figured my own 30-year-olds would get a kick out of this:

From my own journal October 22, 1988 --

Well I survived my 30th birthday -- barely! Dear Randy tried so hard to make it a special day, but I was just out of sorts. In fact, I was SO out of sorts that out of anger and frustration, I actually "jumped out of the car while it was still moving!" my kids were anxious to boast.  Randy said it was like something out of a James Bond movie -- DARING and EXCITING! Actually, I was madder than a hornet; the steam inside the vehicle was getting too thick, so when Randy stopped to turn a corner, I stepped out to take a walk.

Now when I think about all the people who were at the scene, and about the impression I must have made on my children, I am totally embarrassed. I actually blew a gasket! It must come with age... sigh.  Randy was to leave for a 13-day stay in Chicago the afternoon of my birthday. I was trying to be brave, but inside I was in despair. It is difficult for me to cope while he is away. Actually, it is difficult for me to THINK about having to cope. Once it actually happens, I do better than I expect...

The day has come and gone. We will chalk this one up for experience.

Don't you dare laugh about my hairstyle or our matching outfits... It WAS the 80's you know.


  1. This is sad and funny! Thanks for this! I love seeing that even you two went through crazy times...wish I wouldn't have missed your call yesterday. Love you both! Tganks for having me.

  2. This is such a great post! I love it! Can't wait for you guys to come home.