Saturday, August 4, 2012


The only reactions I can sense from the steroids are insomnia - even valium can’t knock me out. I slept only a couple of hours last night, but refrained from getting up and vacuuming the house at 3:00 am.
And the kids have mentioned that I am more talkative than normal. Michael says I am "me times 1.5.” He likes it because I am easier to converse with. 
Oh, and I’ve had a strange shortness of breath when mowing the lawn (I had to quit after finishing the front yard - the back will just have to wait a couple of days) and when climbing even one flight of stairs.
No psychotic episodes or hallucinations. Just a little extra drive than normal.

Enjoyed the evening with Michael and Dez and children. I've missed them. Spent a lot of time in the hammocks with Evylee and Ethan, then they drove me to David's and Katie's for little Kylie's birthday cake and ice cream. (Driving kind of freaks me out.)

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