Monday, July 30, 2012

My Left Eye

Thursday of last week, I noticed that the vision in my left eye had suddenly gone fuzzy. It didn't seem to matter whether objects were close or far away. These images pretty much replicate the difference between my right and left eyes. 
By this morning (Monday), my vision was even worse. I visited with Dr. Bradley Fellows, Randy’s ophthalmologist, who found that my optic nerve was swollen. He made multiple phone calls and together they came to the conclusion that I should see Dr. Kathleen Digre, an optic neurologist, at the Moran Eye Center. He, however, could not get ahold of her. He wrote her name and my condition on the back of his business card and advised that we go to the ER there and have her paged. He said, “They will try to have you seen by a resident doctor; do not settle for anyone but her.”
We immediately drove downtown to the Center. When we requested this of the receptionist, she just looked at us skeptically, and as much as said, “who are YOU to ask me to do such a thing? She is very busy and sees people from all over the nation. Her schedule is booked up until the end of August. The doctor who referred you isn’t even a REAL doctor!” 
Randy replied, “So...What is my wife just supposed to do? Go Blind!?”
The receptionist softened a bit after that and assured us that if we stayed where we were, a REAL doctor would see me and would get the ball rolling. 
Dr. Fellows called and left multiple messages with their office, “This is CRITICAL! If this woman looses her eyesight, I will PERSONALLY sue the pants off you!” It was nice to know he was on our side.
I was in the ER for nearly five hours and stumped multiple doctors. For each possible diagnosis (MS, stroke, virus?) I should have been exhibiting additional symptoms. I just don’t fit into any of their boxes. Plus my vision is more impaired than the nerve shows reason for.
I am scheduled for an MRI on Wednesday, and have an appointment with Dr. Kathleen Digre (yes, this is the doctor Dr. Fellows wanted me to see in the first place!) on Thursday. Ironic, don’t you think, that after five hours and a few thousand dollars, I will be able to see her after all?
Randy and Matthew (who happened to be just a mile or so away at his parents’ home) gave me a priesthood blessing. I am to trust the doctors and according to my faith and the will of the Lord, my sight would be restored.
I notified my siblings and my children. We will have a family fast on Sunday.

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a nightmare. You're in my fasting and prayers. So relieved you'll be able to (finally) meet up with the right doctor.