Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am Not Alone

I didn't think it was possible, but my eye is even worse.  Today I can’t see shapes or colors - just a big gray blob and a smidge of something on the temple side of my periphery. We called the Dr. Tabin to see if I really had to wait until tomorrow evening for an MRI. They tried to move me up but were unable, due to the fact that one of their machines was down.

Gratefully, always positive Audrey kept me company this morning, helped me see the bright side, and kept me busy and occupied.
I received a visit from Pat T. who brought the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I have SO enjoyed gazing at them with my right eye, absorbing their beautiful colors. 

What a wonderful and exemplary friend Pat is. She is our ward Relief Society President. She let me know that the ward would be fasting for me on Sunday -- a very humbling and touching gesture. 
Knowing that she has had some serious health problems, I asked how she is doing. “Fine until two days ago,” was her reply. Her latest mammogram came back clear; but she just found out that she has a four-pound tumor in one of her kidneys and will have to have the entire kidney removed this Tuesday. Oh Pat, I am SO sorry.
Our Bishop came for a visit also. He left us with a prayer of comfort and blessing. He spoke of the MANY ward members with health issues. The ward is fasting for 11  sisters this Sunday. He, himself, has had his shoulder and his hip replaced this year. This week he is having surgery on his elbow.
Isn’t mortality exciting? 

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  1. On the edge of my seat to know how things turn out. Good luck, I'm praying for you.