Saturday, October 1, 2011

When all was Said and Done...

We had one last night at our funny little hotel room...

...with the funny little bathroom...

...and the funny little shower.

And one last evening in Florence.
We enjoyed our lasagna and spaghetti carbonara with some friends from the trip including the very entertaining Christine who met Kate from London in the elevator of her hotel and invited her to dinner with us! Who does that!? 

I had difficulty keeping my mind on the dinner conversation... these street musicians had my full attention.

I am amazed by the chalk art on the streets.

I can't believe an artist will so much time and talent, just to have this swept away by the rain or a street sweeper the next day!

Potts and I took a walk to the Arnos river...
Then spent the remainder of the evening on the steps across from the Uffizi Museum listening to a solo guitar. What could be more romantic?

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