Monday, September 26, 2011

Two more Monte.... something or others.

This is my fourth time to Tuscany and I STILL can't keep all the village names straight. Time to pull out my itinerary AGAIN! So many begin with "Monte" (which means mount). Each village is built as a walled fortress on the highest point of an area. In many cases it is quite a climb to the top.


This time I left MY camera in the car. Potts turn! (I always like his better anyway!)

 A new use for old shoes! I should post this idea on Pinterest, don't you think? JK!

This charming little village was recommended by a local who declared it his favorite.
It was our first visit here.
 It was spotlessly clean and quiet.
Potted flowers lined steps and window ledges.

An inviting home with a view!

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