Sunday, September 25, 2011

And We're Off Again. Week Two. TUSCANY

We met the Tuscany participants at the Florence airport. Thirty-two in this week's group - half remained from the first week, half were new. Two were professionals with their husbands. There seemed to be a different dynamic with this crew. The week will tell!

San Gimignano 

Vista from the walk up to the village.

Obviously a favorite stop for tourists.

It is called the medieval Town of Towers...

...which can be spotted from many miles away.

As we entered town, we met a statue. 
She was so cute, I just had to drop some money into the pot. 

First Stop - in our estimation, the BEST Gelateria in Italy. 

Looks like we're not the only ones who think so. Look at this line!

Potts choice - ALWAYS Amarena in a cup.

Mine? Nutella in a cone!

 While Potts taught on the steps of the Duomo...

 ... I continued roaming around the village.

Upon leaving the San Gimignano, we were caught in an intense rain storm.  We all huddled under a tree, attempting to keep all the cameras protected while we waited for the bus. (It was a pretty good way to get to know the new group.) By the time the bus driver pulled around, we were soaked to the bone!
Photo by Kate MacAllister
No... Potts and I did NOT plan to wear matching shirts!

One more stop before todays final destination - Monteriggioni

Potts had photographed this very small medieval village MANY times and needed a break from packing his photo equipment around, so I brought in our little Cannon and recorded this year's visit.

 Tiny flower that looked as if it was tied up in satin ribbons.

 I think this is my favorite shot of the day. Doesn't it make you want to peak inside?

 Inside is a very simple little chapel.

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