Sunday, May 25, 2014

Charity of Choice

Randy and I swept Jenni's Fitness Challenge; Randy won the "pot of money" by loosing the largest percentage of his original weight (down 42 lbs.), I had top accumulated points (only missed two) and lost 20 lbs by being consistent. So I was first to choose a prize (We each donated one - so every participant gets to choose.)

I had an inkling I might be the first and I had an idea in mind:

Konrad offered $150.00 to a charity of choice. Of course I had my sights on his prize; it was worth the most! What are the chances he would count adopting a puppy? I began searching the internet and visiting the local shelters.

I found this little guy.

I wrote Konrad a note the day before the contest ended,

Hi Konrad.

This is Kathryn Collier, Jenni's mom, and in the number #1 points spot for Jenni's fitness challenge. I've got my eye on your prize. Who wouldn't? It's imaginative and SO generous! 

So... Here's my idea and you tell me if it's feasible. I'm an advocate for the abandoned puppy. I've rescued two dogs from shelters and they each lived over 16 years with our family!  I've been without a dog for a year or so. sniff. sniff. Knowing I might win your prize, I began looking yesterday and found a little guy who is a stray Yorkshire terrier mix. 

May I please adopt him for my prize? He is $75.00 and I would donate the extra $75 to the shelter.

Hey! I'd even name him after YOU!  
Konrad -- I like that!

What do you think?

Hoping with my fingers crossed,
And thank you in advance, whatever you decide.


Pretty convincing?

Konrad said, "Yes!" and Randy and I drove to the county shelter to pick up "Benji" (that's what they had named him.) We looked in his kennel.

He was gone!!

Seems they had moved him to the Best Friends shelter in Sugar House. They were prepping him for a big dog adoption show the next day.

We drove straight to Sugar House. I spotted him and adopted him on the spot!

Meet Dexter Konrad (that's what WE named him). He is one year and a month they figure, so I gave him an April Fool's Day Birthday, 2013. He is cuddly, sweet, smart….

…and just a LITTLE stubborn. 

He likes to ride in the car...

...on the bike,

and is very patient with the grand babies.

He seems quite comfortable in our home.

You've got to see this!
Does it every night when it's time to go to bed.

In fact, I think he thinks he's in charge now.

"Happiness is a warm puppy"
Charles Shultz

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