Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Last night I awoke at 1:30 am to view the lunar eclipse. It is strange to see a full moon clouded in dark red. Rather unsettling and disconcerting. Some call it a Blood Moon. I knew what to expect; it wasn't quite as alarming as the first time I experienced this sight.

It was May 1975. I was 16 years old. I was just finishing up a date with Dave J. - a fellow member of the Twin Falls Bruins Pep Band percussion section (yes, I played "junk" percussion in the band) and one of two non-LDS boys I ever dated.  We stood on my front porch. He gave me a good-night kiss accompanied by a good-night hug. As I looked up over his shoulder (he was a skinny 6 feet tall) I saw the moon in its blood red. My heart jumped to my throat! It's a sign!! Maybe I shouldn't be here doing this!! I made a speedy exit into the house.

Seems it wasn't the Second Coming after all.

"Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul."
--Victor Hugo

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