Friday, July 11, 2014

Fun Times in Covington, WA

Sunday, June 8

Dear Payton, Sadie, and Lucy,

I have been with you for 10 whole days while your mommy and daddy took a trip to Hawaii. We have had such a good time together. 

Potts and our new dog Dexter missed us so much, they drove all the way from Utah to visit. At first Dexter was a little shy with you, and you were a little nervous about him; but soon you became the best of friends. He took you for walks and loved it when you tickled his tummy. We missed them when they drove back to Utah. 

Then came reimforcements; Aunt Audrey and Addy joined us for the next week. Two babies made life pretty lively!  We watched movies, ate lots of snacks, made trips to the park, played in the sand, and picnicked together. 

Your Mommy and Daddy fly home tonight. I will miss you when I leave tomorrow. 

Lucy, you were such a happy little girl, even when you had a cold and weren’t feeling very good. Cuddling in the dark in the middle of the night was pretty special. I liked how you shared your squeaky shoes with Addy and how you two ran around the house making funny noises together.

Sadie, I am so excited about how you love to read. I don’t think I have ever heard a five- year-old read with such feeling and expression. You can read to me any time.  I also loved the time we spent together walking to school and back home from the bus stop. We had fun imagining “What if...”

Payton, you are becoming a fine cellist. I’m so glad I was able to hear you practice and listen to your lessons. It is easy to see that you love playing and that you are excited to share your music. 

Playing catch at the park, just the two of us, was pretty fun too! Remember we caught twelve in a row. Your Gammie loves to play ball! Next time I come we will practice batting too!.

And here are some additional events I won’t forget:

Sadie sculpting Lucy’s hair with her  Dad’s computer screen cleaner spray. Works well, I might add, but requires an immediate bath afterward.

Lucy dipping the shower curtain in toilet water then draping it on her head. Does not work well.

Maple Bars on the way to Payton’s cello lesson. Payton, yours was gone by the time we left the parking lot, so you ate Lucy’s too.

Praying my phone would keep it’s 1% power to enable the GPS to lead us safely home.

Finding an entire snake skin on our Sunday walk.

And dodging grape “land mines” on the kitchen floor -- Lucy is kind of a wild eater.

Thanks for having me, for loving me, and for being so good to me.

I will always treasure this time together.

Love You!


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