Sunday, May 19, 2013

General Conference Photographs

This has to be Potts' favorite assignment. For the past three conferences, he has been asked to help photograph General Conference along with nine other photographers. To fulfill this task, he pretty much lives on Temple Square for two full days, then edits and prepares his favorite 100 images the next day. He puts his whole heart and soul into this undertaking (as he does any photographic assignment.)

There's a story behind this photograph --

Potts listens to as much of Conference as he is able with his ear buds and iPhone. As he was listening to President Packer"s message of the finches and the snake in the ivy, he thought to himself, "I don't think I've seen many birds on Temple Square. Wouldn't it be wonderful if a few flew in just for this occasion?" And then, a dozen little birds flew onto the tree right next to him. They stayed just long enough for him to photograph and then flew away. Potts felt a sense of love and awe, realizing just Who is in charge. When he came home, out of curiosity he looked up what type of tiny birds these were.  He discovered they were actually finches!

Besides the above bird that was used to illustrate President Packer's message, eleven other of Potts' images were published in the May issue of the Ensign.

Here are a few more of MY favorites - 


  1. Our Ensign just came and I was dying over how beautiful the photographs were! Turns out that ALL of my favorites were taken by Randy! Thanks for sharing these!