Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just a Dream?

About a month ago, I had a dream. (This is the honest truth!) 

Randy and I were driving in a red convertible on a winding country road with dry ready-to-harvest wheat fields on either side. 

As we ventured down the road, the sky suddenly became dark and the wheat fields in front of us went up in flames. Realizing that this MUST be the Second Coming. We got out of the car and instinctively looked up.

I saw a small white glow and the form of a man in the sky and I knew that it was Jesus Christ. Trouble was, our feet remained firmly set on the ground as the flames came dangerously close. 

I cried to myself in somewhat of a panic, “Oh no! We’re not being raised up!” 

Then it happened! Slowly... very slowly, with hands held, we started floating up and up. I was so excited.... 


I got caught in the branches of a giant dead tree! 

photo source

Anyone care to interpret? 

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