Sunday, May 19, 2013

Time for a Mini-Getaway

Tuesday, May 14 through Thursday, May 16 

It was time to get away. We just felt it in our bones. Randy and I had three days with virtually nothing “set in stone,” (I can’t remember the last time this has been the case) so we packed a bag and took off. 

We drove to Jackson Hole, WY through Evanston and the little town of Randolph, UT, notable for the fact that it’s population of 496 had the highest percentage of people of any city in the country vote for George W. Bush in the 2004 election. (Thought you might enjoy that tidbit of information.)

Randolph in Randolph!

It also boasts a home of Wilford Woodruff 

Utah's smallest store

And a striking tabernacle built in 1902.

It happened to be the “off season” in Jackson and many of the shops and galleries were closed, but we didn’t mind. It wasn’t the destination that was important anyway.
The Tetons were still snow-covered and the ice on the lakes had just melted the week before. 

You know me and water;  I couldn’t resist. 

We came back through Bear Lake and Logan Canyon, a drive that I adore!

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” 
-- Ernest Hemingway


  1. That water must have been freezing, but I am sure you enjoyed it! Glad you got a chance to get away.

  2. wow love your ernest hemingway quote.