Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Day with the Girls

David brought Katie and Oakley home from the hospital on Tuesday morning.  I had the other three girls here that day and night to give Katie a chance to relax for a bit before swinging into full-fledged mothering again.
I had no time restraints; my day was devoted to the girls. 

We ate the season's first strawberry (yes, that is singular and we shared it) from the garden.

We tried out a batch of homemade bubble solution and had a blast playing. 

The girls were so covered in bubbles that I hardly had to add any at all to their “bubble” bath. 

I taught Lily how to “knit” with a loom and she made a pink hat for her new baby sister! 
We tried it on a life-sized doll to make certain it would fit Oakley just right. 
The cousins came for a visit after lunch which meant even MORE fun. 

We went swimming, 

and then Potts came home and he was the biggest fun-maker of all!

The girls were such gems! 
What a fun day! 

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