Monday, May 28, 2012

The Annual Game

I was so excited to wake up to sunshine! For an entire week I had watched the rainy weather in hopes that by some miracle we would be able to play softball today. It’s a tradition we began YEARS ago and has become a day that we all look forward to -- especially me.

From third grade on, city softball was my life each summer. I absolutely LIVED to play until the day my dad suggested I choose between sports and music. I was pretty descent at it too. I’m afraid that the love of the game is still deeply imbedded in my soul.
Potts divided the teams this way: If you were born during an even year, you were on one; an odd year on the other. It wouldn’t be a tradition, if I was on the winning team. This year was no exception. By the first inning we were trounced. SO... we changed the rules of the game. >grin< Everyone bats every inning. This was more fun for the mini players anyway, and no one seemed to mind. 
After the game? A hot dog roast at our home. Potts and I provide the hot dogs and homemade root beer, and everyone else brings deliciousness!

The Odds

The Evens

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