Sunday, May 20, 2012


It was probably a month ago when we were sitting at family dinner visiting about all the new little spirits that would be coming to our family. Four will be born this year (Jenni announced recently that she, too, is expecting! Baby due Dec. 20). I mentioned to everyone, “Before I die, I would love to witness the birth of a baby.” Not really too far-fetched an idea, except that my own daughters (Emily and Jenni - we don’t know about Audrey yet) have had C-sections because their bodies do not dilate sufficiently -- a trait that they inherited from their grandmother. I have been there for the births of my own children, of course, but I was kind of “out of it” and didn’t have a very good view, if you know what I mean.
Understandably, I didn’t really expect that my two daughters-in-law would be agreeable to the idea, so I was totally surprised when Katie replied, “You can come see the birth of our baby; that’s okay, isn’t it David?” 
I could not hold in my emotions and cried with gratitude and joy. I was SO excited. 
Today was the appointed day Katie was to be induced. 
My Dear Precious Oakley,
I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I was more excited than for any Christmas morning! Your mother and daddy had invited me to witness your birth; it’s something I have wanted to experience as a Gammie  ever since becoming a Gammie.
Because it was Sunday, Potts and I found the earliest Sacrament Meeting possible, took the sacrament, then drove to the Riverton Hospital. 

We followed the baby footprints painted on the floor to the elevator

 and pressed the third-floor button. 

We found your mommy and daddy right around the corner. 
Potts came onto the room just long enough to give your mother a hug and kiss and wish her well, then he was off to the southern part of the state. This evening there would be a Solar Eclipse. Potts wanted to be where he could photograph it best. Not me! Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from this room today.
Your mommy and daddy and I chatted away; we would pause during contractions which were coming about 3 minutes apart and were becoming quite painful for your mother to bear. She would squeeze your daddy’s hand until the pain subsided for another couple of minutes. Before long, she had an epidural which magically made the pain easier to bear. (Wish I’d had the same when I had your daddy!)
You weren’t in too much of a hurry to come out; it wasn’t until about 4:00 in the afternoon when Dr. Barney came in, woke your mother (she’d only been asleep for about five minutes) and said, “It’s time to push.” I’m certain my heart skipped a beat or two.
Just four or five giant pushes from your brave mother and there you were! 

Kind of goopy and bluish and... beautiful.  And for a milli-second you were the world’s newest little being. What a miracle! My eyes (and your daddy’s too) filled with tears at the wonder of it all! 
Your daddy asked me if I would like to cut your umbilical cord. I was honored. 

And then the nurses whisked you away to poke, 




and tag you. 

Your daddy didn’t leave you for a second. 

(I did my best to capture it all, the whole time wishing that Potts was here doing what he does best.)

FINALLY they let you snuggle with your mother, a tender sight. 

And I got to hold you too.
I know I should have left about this time to let your mommy and daddy be together with you alone, but I couldn’t make myself leave. 
I stayed the afternoon, and into the evening, and your sweet parents... let me.
I stayed while your grandma and grandpa came

and brought your sisters. 

Were they ever excited to see you!
I stayed while Audrey and Matthew came for a visit.

I stayed through the solar eclipse.

And then I sensed that it was time for me to go...
(Only to return the next day with Potts!)

You are so blessed, my little Oakley. You have come to earth to a wonderful family who will tenderly care for you, love you, and teach you what this earth-life is all about. 
It will be so fun to watch you learn and grow. I’m grateful for the chance to be a part of it all!
Love you, my little one,

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  1. Beautiful post. Made me cry :). Another gorgeous baby girl.
    PS: the eclipse photo was pretty sweet, too.