Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photography Study - Secret Cove

The reason we are here (besides to eat amazing food and enjoy time together) is to give the men the opportunity to capture some amazing images. Wayne has dreamed of opening a Gallery and it looks as if it just might happen.

So... we spend each afternoon scouting out a place to capture the sunset. If you know much about photography you realize that early morning and evening light are the most pleasing. Midday is to be avoided.

Today we searched the Wailea side of the island for the perfect beach and happened upon Secret Cove, given this nickname because if you don't know it's here, you will probably miss it; it isn't visible from the road. But Wayne is very thorough with his IPAD and his research. The real name for this beach is Paako Beach (I snapped this photograph with my IPHONE - in the middle of the day.)
When we returned at days end, we found that because it is a chosen location for sunset photographs, it is also a favorite spot for weddings of which there were two this evening.

The men just shot around them.

Here are Potts' favorites. BREATHTAKING, if you ask me. 

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